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Business Development

By Honor Global Entertainment and Consulting

In broad terms, Honor Global Entertainment (HGE) is an entertainment company that identifies and recommends acts, talent, and performers for clients. We then assist in the negotiations for those performers, coordinate travel and accommodations of the artist(s), and produce the event itself. Clients may handle one or more of these aspects but this is a general overview of the HGE business model. Honor Global Entertainment is also specialized in compliance, paying particular attention to all the regulatory details related to visas and taxable income of their performers and vendors. 

Over time, with multicultural entertainment in particular, Honor Global Entertainment and Consulting has expanded its role to be of further assistance to our clients. Not all client have the in-house expertise to properly market to the Asian community. Additionally, properties have found Honor Global Entertainment’s advice and counsel beneficial on other details of the event itself such as items related to player development, advertising, and signage, menu planning, community networking, etc. From ticket sales (with distribution centers in key locations within the Asian community and online platforms.) to tour and travel bus elements, and the overall strategic plan to create community relationships of lasting value, HGE has found its role to expand and evolve as the needs of their clients arise. 

Honor Global Entertainment and Consulting, LLC has the superior skills, experience, and expertise necessary to accomplish the aforementioned as evidenced by their repeated successes in a wide range of markets. 

Ticket Distribution Network or in-market Relationship Building with Player Development team

  • Select advertising locations

  • Establish the community relationship 

  • Structure the ticketing system 

Note: This network can also be used to assist the venue’s sister properties within its market range. 

 Asian Tourism Visitor Plan

  • Assist in building the network for potential markets: increase tourism visits to the client Fromm Asian visitors in the areas and include the budget development. 

Tour and Travel Consulting

Honor Global Consulting will facilitate the client to build a tour and travel program, launch new locations and expansion based on an in-depth geographical and demographical analysis, assist in building a new program from scratch including finding the right bus operators, identify and negotiate the pick-up and drop-off points for the travelers, hire and train the staff, create the advertising and marketing campaign,  to create the profitable bus incentive programs. HGC would work with the ticketing software provider to enable the bus riders to be registered while en-route, directly increasing the operational efficiency.

Special Meal & Drink Planning

Honor Global Consulting has networks throughout the United States and an advisory role in the event client wishes to tailor or expand its Asian for and beverage offering.

Asian Gift Program

Honor Global Consulting will provide the expertise and networks to assist the client in creating an Asain gift program based on the Asian customer mix, tiers, and origins. Also, HGC will outline the gift event calendar based on Asian traditions.

Media and Production, Social Media Strategy Consulting & Purchasing

The owner of Honor Global Consulting understands Asian media, having promoted and marketed hundreds of Asian shows and special events. HGC’s specialized knowledge will allow your marketing and advertising dollars to be better spent to yield better results. Further, HGC occasionally is able to acquire preferred pricing from Asian-owned and operated media resources by virtue of negotiating as an Asian agent of the client enterprise and not the enterprise itself.

Asian Market Cultural Training

Based on the geographical, regional, and demographical market analysis, as well as the potential cultural challenges, HGC will tailor in-market teaching materials appropriate to the venue. The focus is to help the frontline employees and decision makers understand Asian cultural values and the characteristics associated with their behavior in order to provide proper and cost-effective customer service.

Property Representation

Honor Global Consulting will represent your company, or assist with your own efforts, at trade shows, expos, or other off-property special events. The Asian community has multiple events such as galas and fundraisers that the connections associated with HGC have attended for many years. If casino executives would like to feature and promote the property, this is a method to add/reinforce your brand with community leaders in an elegant fashion where high rollers hang out with each other.

Focus Groups for VIP and Asian Customers

Create a series of 6-8 people on the property at the venue focus group of Asian players, define the actionable findings and outline the reasonable customers’ advice based on the competitive environment.

Team Building

Honor Global Consulting will assist with the recruitment, interview, and selection process. HGC has worked with Asian PD teams across the USA and Canada and understands the multicultural aspects necessary to cater to the various components of the Asian community. The best Asian PD teams encompass more than just the distinction between Cantonese and Mandarin. With Vietnamese, Korean, Thai, and Filipino communities, among others, all under


HGC will assist the venue in evaluating the artist choices, act costs, selected show dates and ticket pricing, suitable promotional plans, and ensuring compliance with all government and regulatory terms to insure the client property is adhering to all applicable laws and regulations. This includes the tax and visa filings for entertainers from foreign countries. HGC will ensure the internal controls protect staff and management isolate them from conflicts of interest in the artist negotiations and bid processes. 
Remark: if HGC is the entertainment provider, the service will be included in the production cost.

Comprehensive Strategic Marketing

Dependent upon the size, location, competitive landscape, and complexity of your market: HGC will prepare a detailed step-by-step road map for you to execute to make your property more attractive to Asian gamblers. Then, with consistent follow-through, complex with the tactical strategic initiative, you will maintain and retain the attention of the community with event and promotions HGC will tailor to your database and market demographics. This is a 12-month Asian marketing plan that can be modified and enhanced during and thereafter to best meet your budgets and needs. HGC has acquired knowledge and insight over the years that can make all the difference between your property succeeding or not and will help it to better leverage its potential. This plan will complement your own strengths, making your own company a far more formidable competitor.

All of the above is included in an annual Consulting Agreement of                          . This will include quarterly visits to the property and availability by email and direct cell phone access. Note: the property will pay for any additional travel, lodging, and meals.

We offer a reasonable discount for bundle purchases and we are taking our time to learn about the buyer’s needs and focus in conjunction with our knowledge and capabilities in accepting job offers. Customer satisfaction along with results in learning effectiveness is our major concern!!!.

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